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Ndumberi Golf Club

The Ndumberi Golf Club and Sports Ground, popularly known as St. Andrews, has the distinction of being a football field, as well as a golf course, and was formed in 1963. It has produced several well-known Kenyan golfers. It is located along Kiambu road, but not in Ndumberi itself per se. In 2008, residents complained that the Kiambu Municipal Government destroyed part of the Sports Ground as part of improvements going on in the area.

"Despite being a football field as well as a golf course, Ndumberi Golf Club is registered with the Kenya Golf Union (K.G.U) and serves as a stepping stone for golf beginners. Most members learnt golf on this course."

About Ndumberi

Ndumberi is a municipality division in Central Province, Kenya. It is located in the elevation of about 1,820 m. The surrounding catchment has a population of about 18,000. It located 3 km NW of Kiambu, the capital of the Kiambu District.

Road improvements in 2008 have made this village more accessible to Nairobi in under 30 minutes by auto. The village is likely to see more development as Nairobi's rapid development pushes forward through Kiambu and into smaller villages.

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