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Client Feedback

Sana Sipra, 13-03-15 08:59:
Hope this finds you well.

Just wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for a perfect trip. We had a great and memorable trip and it wouldnt have been possible without you guys.

Thanks again and happy holidays :)
Best Regards,
David Muchina - Standard Chartered Bank, Nairobi, 13-03-15 08:58:
We arrived safely, enjoyed the hotel’s hospitality and returned in one piece. The team enjoyed but there was too much rain though.

Thanks for your assistance.
Elizabeth Ridout - Leader of the English Faculty, UK, 13-03-15 08:56:
Now we are back at home, looking through our pictures etc, and missing Kenya already.

Thank you so very much for making our trip so memorable, hassle-free and so efficiently run. I did enjoy meeting you very much, despite your remarks on my efforts at Kikuyu!

Do pass on our greetings to our driver/guide/friend Paul. He was marvellous and seemed to know everything about everything. Our safari was so exciting; we had a great time.

Asante sana. A lot.

Now we will try and persuade everyone we know that Kenya is a fantastic place to visit - safe, friendly and welcoming, and Diwaka Safaris (especially one Lydia) are the ideal people to arrange it all for them.

Irfan Saiyed - UAE, 13-03-15 08:56:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Diwaka team for wonderful time we had during our Safari organized through your company.

myself and my family had memorable time which we shall cherish for long time to come.

both my kids were extremely happy with the arrangement.

We shall certainly recommend Diwaka safaris as a reliable and trustworthy tour operator.

We shall also impress upon our friends and colleague about kenya being a peaceful and safe destination baring few trouble spots.

Irfan Saiyed
Владимир Шарапов, 13-03-15 08:54:

I am very pleased to admit, that traveling to Kenya with Diwaka Tours provided me with the lifetime experience!

I would like to thank you and all the team of Diwaka!

My girlfriend also sends regards. I am sure that she were is very happy and pleased with the tour.

I am going to study for around two years and after or during that period we were planning to go to Kenya and Tanzania. Probably we would take or parents there with us. So if we decide that, you can be sure that we will make the tour in Diwaka safaris!

You definitely have our recommendations)) I liked it much more than any other my vacations.

Kind regards,
AllaMoscow, 13-03-15 08:52:
“Real 5 stars”

We spent just a few hours there between our flights from Kilimanjaro and back home from Nairobi.
It was a nice surprise for us, this hotel was provided by our safari agent Diwaka Safaris as a perfect ending to our Kenya-Tanzania safari

We arrived at the hotel about 22-00 and faced a real 5-star treatment, though we were dusty and tired after 5 hours drive from NgoroNroro to Kilimanjaro and flight to Nairobi and a farewell dinner at Carnivore, also kindly arranged by Diwaka Safaris

Service is faultless, everyone thoughtful and helpful, even proactive. We had to leave early in the morning to catch our flight home. Reception was kind enough to remind us to order an early room service breakfast, place our wake-up call at two o' clock in morning etc. Seems normal for 5-start hotel -we just did not expect to find it in Kenya, don't know why.

spacious rooms, impeccable bathroom ( a bathroom after all this showers in lodges!!!), posh bath towels and amenities, comfy bed. Pity it was just for a few hours, but gave us enough energy to survive through a ling way home.
AllaMoscow, 13-03-15 08:49:
“a paradise for meat-eaters”

Farewell dinner at Carnivore was a present from our safari provider, Diwaka Safaris, and was an unexpectedly revitalizing experience after 5 -hour drive from Ngorongoro and 1-hour flight from Kilimanjaro to Nairobi. A perfect ending for a perfect safari-thanks to Diwaka for both

We were met at Nairobi airport by Diwaka representative and taken directly to Carnivore, where everything was already arranged and waiting for us.

We had refreshing towels and drinks, then the show began. It started with an array of soecial cocktails, then an offer of soup, then a round plate of salads and sauces, followed by detailed explanation how the restaurant works
They put a small wooden pyramid on top of this round sauce-holding plate, and a small Carnivore flag in it.

then they start bringing the meat on long skewers and you are being offered all the variety until you surrender- you have to show it by putting the flag down.

We started with sausages, chicken wings (they call the Kenyan Airways), then honey-glazed pork ribs, turkey, pork, beef, lamb and finally -a crocodile, an emu, ox balls!

Crocodile was bony and dried, emu was worse than turkey ( tasted like turkey dark meat) -so we continued with pork ribs and chicken

Drinks are somewhat expensive, we paid about 200 USD for two bottles of vine, several cocktails and a couple of beers. on the other hand, if you divide it by six of us -its not that expensive.
AllaMoscow, 13-03-15 08:47:
“Second time and its twice better”

This was our first visit to Maasai Mara National Park, though a second just-after the New Year-safari in Kenia
Previous experience we had through a Russian tour operator left us unsatisfied -schedule too tight and too crowded, you really have no time to enjoy the lodges and the wildlife.

This year we decided to arrange the holiday directly though a local safari provider. We choose to stay three days in Maasai Mara, in Mara Serena Lodge, and never regretted it.

Diwaka safaris, whom we have chosen among over than 15 local providers whom we asked for quotes, was the best in answering requests promptly and to the point, provided the exact program we were asking for plus some nice extras like dinner at Carnivore and overnight stay in Nairobi Serena on our way back. And all for the same price. Diwaka provided us with exceptional service during our safari and I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for a luxury safari in Kenia. And maybe not a luxury one as well.not a single fault in organization, ever a minor misunderstanding with a baloon safari company re payment was solved by our guide on the spot. The cars they provided were new and comfortable, our guide was going way out to get us the best shots of wildlife as though he is a professional photographer himself. He was always the first at the spot with rare animals and we had half an hour all for ourselves, while other jeeps were gathering around a pride of lions, or a leopards on a tree. And his master driving on our way from Masai Mara to Isebania border through the rain-flooded hills Nd plains-that was some experience! If it was not for Gideon, we might have been late for our Tanzanian part of safari.

Africa has greeted us with lots or rain and rain-flooded roads this time. Tough it was not a surprise for us that Eastern Africa is so green and not hot at all -we knew it from our last year safari-we were definitely not prepared to such a wet season, which started 2 months before schedule( or the previous rainy season never ended?)

However, due to much rain grass was abundant and perhaps that' why we saw so may small ones-cute wildebeest cubs (or herbivore kids are called a different name?), lion, cheetah and leopard cubs just few weeks old, even small rhinos and elephants.

The road from Nairobi to Massai Mara was tiresome, some 8 hours drive half of which is terrain

Game drive has actually started a few miles from our lodge, on our way there,when we saw a pride of lions and a black rhino just some meters from the road.

The lodge itself is beautifully situated on top of a high hill, facing the Mara river on one side and the endless planes on the other side.

You can have as mich as three game drives from Mara Serena each day, starting from pre-breakfast early morning drive and finishing your day with sundowners at a terrace facing the river after a late afternoon game drive. Plenty of Wildlife in close vicinity, much more than we saw in a too-much-promoted Serengeti. There you can ride for hours in search of a lion, or a leopard.

Here, at Maasai Mara, you can start the day with watching a pride is five lionesses with eleven cubs from 6 weeks to 6 months old relaxing on a large stone kopje, playing with each other. And finish you day taking a thousand photos of a leopard family with two small cubs climbing up and down a sausage tree, feeding on a gazelle neatly hidden between the branches.

A baloon safari at Maasai Mara is also something not to be missed, even if there is no migration. Unforgettable pictures of sunrise over Mara river are worth it.

Highly recommend
Kenya/MaasaiMara for those who are tired of sightseeing and lazy beach holidays. It really clears your brain up and gets you fit for another business battle.

And of course our host-Diwaka Safaris, who met all our expectations.
Cheung, 13-03-15 08:29:
Hi Richard,

As we completed our safari in Kenya, we would like to thank you for your kind arrangement and also like to thank Joseph for his assistance on arrival date. We have a great tour guide and driver, Muhanji to make our journey a memorable and unforgettable one. Surely, we will refer our friends to Diwaka if there is opportunity.

Regards Cheung
Joseph, we shall forward you the photo on separate email when we get home.
LJ Schottle, 12-03-15 15:43:

Thank you for a wonderful safari! Johan was a wonderful driver/ guide who offered excellent recommendations and was flexible with our schedules.

And thank you so much for working hard to book us at Manyatta Camp. It is a great camp ground and we really enjoyed our stay there.

I will certainly recommend Diwaka Safaris to anyone I know of interested in a Kenya safari.

Thank you.
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